Thursday, 27 August 2015

Post Mortem

For this reflection, I will compare my KPI (Key Performance Indicator) analysis during Week 7 with how I see it now, relate it to the work produced and analyse the quality of the work I produced.

Starting from Week 6, it was required of us to do 30 hours of studio work per week and lodge them. This only included project work, not side tasks such as writing the learning contract and blogging. I found it difficult to contribute 30 hours a week when I also had so much other work not related to the projects. Despite this, there were two weeks, when I successfully managed to do over 30 hours of project work. In retrospect, I feel this could have been better avoided with better time management. If it was planned much earlier yet also being realistic, it may have improved my work ethic and allowed me to adequately contribute to each area.

I feel that I was somewhat unsuccessful in the area of teamwork since most of the work I contributed to the "Before There Were Bears" project and "Voodoo" project were not included in the final pieces. The 3D version of the bedroom for the Voodoo project was only used as a reference for lighting. There was also some communication problems at times as I was unable to be on Slack as often as required. There were four times when people had difficulty contacting me due to this.

Despite these issues, I'm satisfied with my willingness to get involved with other projects from early on and I'm glad I chose to leave the major project when I did to give myself more time to focus on my solo project and especially since I knew I didn't have the skills to make final models up to the standard for the major project, "Before There Were Bears". I'm also glad that my colleagues were always friendly with each other and never patronizing  towards each other despite having these issues.

Looking back at my KPI analysis in Week 7, I feel it was wrong to have claimed to have been masterful in the areas of positive attitude, acting as a team player and the ability to accept and learn from criticism. Although I can understand why I felt that way at the time, I realize I wasn't performing in those areas to the standard of the uni and still have a lot to improve on. I look forward to improving myself in these areas with the challenges I will face in my professional life.

I claimed to be successful with effective communication skills, time management and flexibility and adaptability back in Week 7. Once again, I can understand why I felt that way at the time although I realize there is much more to improve on especially looking at my performance over the past six weeks and two days since then. Also, I pitched the Lighthouse solo project in Week 6. It would have been much more convenient to have pitched it as early as Week 2 or Week 3.

I claimed that my problem solving skills had room for improvement back in Week 7 and I still feel that this is the case as I often had to search for solutions for my problems. However, I'm sure that with more practice, I will be able to solve at least some of my problems alone.

On a more positive note, I am satisfied with my effort throughout the trimester to ensure all work was completed although at times I rushed. I never missed any strict deadlines. Although my skill level is not where I feel it should be, I'm happy with what I've learned and feel that I'm slowly improving with the program, Maya. I'm also satisfied that I managed to work diligently and friendly with my colleagues and were able to communicate our needs clearly.

I'm also happy that I was able to work with the level of pressure at times, my willingness to get involved with other people's projects and some of the ideas I came up with. I also feel that I am able to accept and learn from criticism even though at times, it can feel very harsh. I try to remind myself that the criticism is not intended to defeat my confidence but teach me to improve myself.

Ultimately, I am quite satisfied with my effort for this unit although I feel there is plenty of room for improvement. It was unfortunate that I had to be less involved in the major project, however this allowed more time for me to work on the Voodoo project and Lighthouse project. My role in the Voodoo project was small but I felt it was successful.

Finally, my Lighthouse was not what I considered to be a folio piece and rather, a decent template. I feel it could have had more detail as it feels somewhat lifeless and doesn't effectively communicate the idea that a person lives there. Despite this, I'm not disappointed that it wasn't as big as I originally pitched it to as it was originally far too ambitious, given the timeframe to work on it as well as balancing with other work. I'm not at the skill level to have been able to made the lighthouse a folio piece. However, with more practice with Maya, I believe I will be able to improve myself in the future.

I plan to use everything I have learned from this reflection about time management, effective communication skills, problem solving skills, acting as a team player in the upcoming trimester.

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