Sunday, 16 August 2015

Week 11

I used the mood-board picture of lights to create this simple light for the top floor of the lighthouse project. I copied the part of the right of the light even though it seemed pointless. I also thought it might be interesting to extrude the faces at the top of the light to make a pole that connects to the roof.

I created the effect on the mattress by bringing the vertices down and smoothing it. I created the effect on the pillows by making a polygon cube, applying nCloth to fill it up and then duplicated it. I pressed play, paused until I was happy and then deleted history. For the blanket, I applied nCloth to a polygon plane with many faces. Again, I pressed play, paused until I was happy and then deleted history. I also made the mattress a passive collider so the pillows and blanket would not just endlessly fall. 

On the left are the first mattress and first pillows I attempted but was unhappy with their shape.

Here are close-ups of the first book I modeled and then duplicated several times.

The progress with the bookshelf at this point.

The simple polygon cylinders I made when starting to make a ladder.

This was the early stage of the top floor. At first, the gaps between the rectangular prisms were smaller and I felt they needed to be bigger. I was happy with this result.

I felt that the roof shouldn't be flat. Even though the audience won't see this view in the final view, I felt this effect would make for a more interesting ceiling in the interior.

I decided to delete two floors as they seemed somewhat redundant.

This was the original hole in the top floor to allow the spiral staircase to enter it and also how the platform where the two spiral staircases met led to the bedroom.

I didn't like the design of the floor with a big asymmetric hole in it so I deleted it.

This was Edden's example of a way to make the middle floor connect the top and bottom floors.

This was the view of the bedroom from the middle floor. I decided to have point lights in the entrance room and the bedroom.

I had the front faces of the light at the top of the lighthouse converted to a glass-like material except at the middle because I imagined the little circle at the front to be like a lid. I also put bent some cylinders to make a railing around the light. I had a light placed here but it needed to be stronger than a point light. I had a spot light placed there.

At the time, this was the view from the outside. I also had the glass-like feature applied to polygon planes that I placed around the top floor.

This was a render test to see the spot light would look. The lighthouse was placed inside a polygon cube so the light could land on an object. I was happy with this result as a starting point for the lighting.
I noticed that this problem was happening with the blanket. I was told that all the faces on the opposite side were causing this problem.

I deleted all of those faces underneath and as shown, it fixed that problem.

The cylinders used for the railings had far too many subdivs so I reduced them. It was unneccessary for them to have as many as they did. I felt it was pointless for them to be so high-poly. I deleted the faces of these poles and put some edges in to stitch them up.

I deleted the faces at the ends of the vertical poles of the railing since they won't be seen anyway and so that there's less poly on the poly count.

I had the same issue with the roof at the top of the tower that I had with the blanket of the bed. I fixed it the same way.

I also thought it would be interesting to make it cone-shaped as I felt that would be more interesting in the interior than a flat ceiling.

I also changed the hole on the top floor that allows the staircase to enter to how I felt looked more presentable.

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