Sunday, 23 August 2015

Week 12

One problem I had with connecting the poles was there was an extra vertice that I needed to remove.

This was the first attempt I had at making a flythrough by keyframing a camera. After this, I found that attaching a camera to a motion path was the better way to do it.

This was the surrounding environment box that I put around the lighthouse in case any light went through the glass windows but the light didn't escape.

I added some windows in the entrance windows for some extra detail.

I smoothed the edges of stairwell which I felt improved its appearance.

There were some problems the first time I rendered so I fixed them. For example, the windows I included near the entrance weren't noticeable enough and the stairwell was too dark.

The black mark on the picture frame on the middle shelf is because of a black book that was directly behind it. I moved it to the left with the other books.

The stairwell that connects the second floor to the top floor and the top floor were far too dark. To fix this, I moved the lights in the second floor and added extra lights to the top floor.

I moved a light closer to the stairwell that connects the second floor to the top floor which gave a better lighting effect.

I tried also putting a point light in the top floor and moved lights around on the lower floors.

I added a door to the bedroom for some extra detail and I felt it was believable. I was also quite satisfied with the textures I chose.

This is how the top floor appeared with an area light and a spot light.

This is how it appeared with an area light, spot light and also a point light. I thought this had a much better and believable effect.

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