Friday, 7 August 2015

Week 10

During Wednesday's class, there were WIP presentations for each of the scenes in the major project. I contributed to the learning outcome, "ANM230.LO18: Work objectively towards a common goal by giving constructive criticism and applying feedback" by providing some feedback.

I also made a 3D model of the bedroom for Sarah's "Voodoo" project. It was much simpler than the previous one as it only focused on the important parts. Edden helped to include a lamp light as the scene needed. We decided that a spot light was the most effective. We included another light to represent the distance the lamp light travels. In the pictures below, we decided on that distance as there was enough light reaching the bed to make sense to the story.

I did a few more concept sketches of the interior of the lighthouse including the plans to give myself a clearer idea of how I wanted it to look and what to include.

I worked more on the plan for the lighthouse and put simple polygon shapes in the places where assets would be. This also included some exterior objects such as a balcony, fences and a jetty. Although it was decided that there would not be an exterior, I thought these particular objects may be visible from some of the windows. I also thought about whether a pointy roof or a flat roof would be more effective. My tutor also suggested to focus on modelling the top room with the light and then the bedroom before worrying about the rest.

How I imagined the balcony and front fences would look.
Dining Room and Kitchen at entrance.
Lounge room on first floor.
A bathroom or boiler room or both at the back on the bottom floor.
A bathroom, boiler room, laundry or all on the second floor.
Side view. The back rooms are more visible here.
A jetty.
Bedroom on the second floor.
Second floor.
The light at the top.
I discussed with my tutor that the exterior models seem somewhat pointless considering the interior is the focus. We decided that the sky could simply be visible through the windows and that was also believable.

All the polygon shapes that resemble the exterior have been removed.

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