Saturday, 1 August 2015

Specialist Skills Presentation - 3D Printing

I presented this during Thursday's class of Week 9, the 30th of July. I decided to show two clips that show products of 3D printing. The first was one that I first showed was from 2011 that I had also already seen back then. It showed a wrench be printed in 3D. Although, I still find it amazing as of 2015 and felt it still accurately depicted what 3D printing could do, I thought I should still show a more recent video clip.

I had found a recent article that showed the designs for a car that Local Motors plans to make by 3D printing and that article was posted on July 9th, 2015. However, I still felt a recent actual video clip would be effective.

I was a little worried about showing a video clip from 2011 however it was well received. My classmates and tutor found it entertaining and judging from some of their reactions, some of them didn't seem to have seen it before.

I was asked by my tutor how I think this would be useful for me in my career. I showed this in my slides on the Influence page. Although I haven't had access to this technology, I think this technology would help for 3D modelling for reference material for 3D objects. It would help to visualize fictional objects. Interestingly, this is also how 3D printing is currently being used by animators in the animation industry.

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